House Groups, Prayer, Conferences

Exploring ways to deepen your faith and improve your connection with God.


House Groups are groups of up to around twelve people that meet usually once a fortnight in someone's home to discuss the bible in more depth than is possible in a sermon or talk.

What happens at a House Group meeting?

We have a time of worship, perhaps with some music, either listening or singing. We then look at the Bible together and discover how to apply it to our daily lives, before bringing one another’s needs to God in prayer. Meetings last around two hours and include time to catch up socially.

Why join a House Group?

  • To get to know other church members in a more informal setting. This enables us to form strong and genuine friendships with other Christians.
  • To look at God’s word in more depth with more time for discussion. We can learn how to apply God’s word to our lives, and freely and openly ask questions.
  • To help us grow in our Christian lives and deepen our relationship with God. We can discover and use our spiritual gifts and seek to understand God’s will for our lives.
  • To pray for each other, the church, our neighbourhood and the world and to be encouraged as we see prayers answered.
  • To build each other up, support and care for each other and grow in faith together.

Pray without ceasing.

Prayer is an important part of who we are as Christians as we seek to spend time in God’s presence and allow him to shape us, as well as bringing before him the needs of our world, community, and church.

There are many opportunities to pray – here are a few.


Daily prayer is on Facebook at 9:00am on Mondays and 10:00am on Fridays.

The services use the Ffald-y-Brenin, Iona, or Common Worship form of Morning Prayer.

These prayer videos remain available for you to access later via on our YouTube Channel.

Recent Prayer Videos

In Church

On Saturdays, the church is open for private prayer (with a minister present) from 10:30am until noon.

Prayer Chains – Prayer Requests

If you need prayer or wish to support others in prayer, we have an email prayer chain where many people from the church agree to pray for people's ongoing needs.

If you have any prayer requests for them please contact the clergy.

If you are happy for these to be mentioned in our daily online prayers as well, they can be.

Seeking the Spirit

Weekly at 4:00pm on a Thursday at St Barnabas we are starting a new time of quiet and space where we seek to allow the Holy Spirit to meet with us and ask him to guide and shape our community. All are welcome to join us.

New Wine is a week-long summer conference giving us an opportunity to be part of a huge celebration of God's generosity and grace. It is a time for people of every age to:

  • encounter God in heartfelt worship,
  • learn from his Word and his Spirit,
  • be transformed in body, mind and spirit,
  • get equipped to serve him in new ways,
  • gain fresh vision from what he is doing elsewhere in the world and
  • be part of something that is bigger than the local church.

Who is New Wine aimed at?

It is aimed at both grown-ups - and the not-so-grown-ups!

For adults, mornings begin with wonderful Spirit-filled worship and inspirational teaching followed by a huge selection of relevant seminars which continue into the afternoon. In the evening there is more live worship and a different guest speaker each day. After each talk there is prayer ministry for those who would like it and we have found this prayer transformative. Then for the night owls there is after-hours entertainment as well!

There is a packed programme for children and youth with top quality teaching, worship, games, craft and sport.

Where and when does New Wine take place?

It is held over 6 days in July/August at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

Spring Harvest is a week-long holiday and conference. Through vibrant worship and inspirational Bible teaching, it offers you a truly refreshing break. It brings together:

  • In depth bible teaching
  • Spirit filled, vibrant worship
  • Practical seminars and workshops
  • Relevant age-streamed programmes for our children and youth and
  • an amazing range of leisure activities and late night entertainment too!

Who is Spring Harvest aimed at?

It's for people of all ages and church backgrounds. It's about one thing: deepening your walk with God, so you return home inspired to impact your community and your friends, for Jesus.

Where and when does Spring Harvest take place?

Spring Harvest is held at Butlins resorts over five days during the school Easter holidays.

How much does Spring Harvest cost?

There are different standards of accommodation all of which can be with self catering or half board.