Our Mission

We believe that the people of God have been blessed by God so that they can be a blessing to others (Genesis 12.2,3)

We believe that all Christians are called to be witnesses (Acts 1.8) in the same way that we are all called to love.

We believe that evangelism is a process and so in practice we run several different types of activity to try to show our love for our neighbours.

Bow Tie

The bowtie image summarises our mission. We have structured the church for outreach, worship and training and our aim is to move people from left to right. So for example someone might come first to TOT (Together on Tuesdays) then come to Tuesday Communion and eventually end up joining an Encouragers group.

  1. Special Events - in which we aim to show God is good and Christians are OK
  2. Serving the local community in which we try to meet peoples perceived needs.
  3. Special Services - to which we can invite guests to hear the gospel.
  4. Alpha - where our guests are encouraged to ask their questions.
  5. Home Groups - where our members can grow in the faith