Home Groups

Fellowship and Faith for everyone!

home groupsOur Home Groups meet in various locations around the parish on Wednesday evenings. Discover more about God in small groups: applying what we learn in scripture to our own life situations, accepting his guidance in our lives and living life to its full potential. Our Homee Groups mostly follow the topic covered in the previous Sunday's morning worship.

Please come along, ask your questions, discuss your thoughts and grow as a person to fulfil God's plan for you.

If you would like to join a Home Group, please email Lerys Campbell at
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or phone 01252 935120

Home Group Program - Winter 2019

We are going to be looking at the Apostles’ Creed in Homegroups over the next few weeks. This will help us delve deeper into the core elements of our faith, that week by week we declare our belief in. There are two rescources, both by Alister McGrath, which have matching sessions/chapters.

The six "Apostles’ Creed" studies are in the LifeBuilders series costing approx. £3.90 and includes a specific and longer sequence of questions.

The supporting material for reading to help prepare for each session is in Alister McGrath’s “I believe - Exploring the Apostles’ Creed” costing approx. £6.92. This includes a wider selection of Biblical references, different questions, and suggestions for further reading.

The links above at Eden.co.uk are the cheapest currently located but there are other sources.