Connecting With God

Prayer is acquiring the strength which fits us for service - Theresa of Avila

A major part of the work of the church is about our personal heart to heart connection with the Lord.
God speaks to us through his word the Bible and we speak to God in prayer.

Mike Saunders writes,
“I would like to do more to improve my connection with God and I would like to help others to improve their connection with the Lord too. I have found that four things more than any other keep me connected to God. They are daily prayer, weekly worship, monthly quiet days and an annual retreat. I recommend that others try them too”

Daily Prayer

There are many different ways of praying and many different resources available to help us to pray each day and it is interesting that daily prayer in all traditions includes reading the Psalms, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Here are some ways to begin….

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Weekly Worship

In the life of our church there are several opportunities to meet with others for worship including….

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Monthly Quiet Days

For many years I have visited a retreat centre or a monastery one day a month in order to be still and remember that God is God.

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Annual Retreat

In spring 2012 six members of St Barnabas went to Ffald–y–Brenin a Christian retreat centre near Fishguard in Wales. It was a life changing experience being in such a positive encouraging environment and having space to connect with God several times a day.

It is our hope and prayer that a retreat might become an annual part of our programme. More details are available from from Annie Thalmessinger or from their website