OK so maybe it does work

It is common to be sceptical about prayer but there are examples of it working in incredible ways. We recently received an email from a teacher who had been attending one of the Alpha Courses we run. She was facing a particularly thorny problem for which there was no obvious answer. See her e-mail here... 

"Hi Mike,

I just had to e-mail you, couldn't wait until next Wednesday. You know I told you at Alpha last night that at school we had excluded a little boy from my class, and that it had been a very difficult decision? Well, it was a particularly difficult decision because this liitle boy lives in a home where there are lots of difficulties and sometimes violence, obviously it is not ideal that he is at home all day instead of in school where we can keep an eye on him. We were concerned for his safety if we excluded him and concerned for the safety of our other pupils if we didn't. It was really quite stressful and I found the whole thing emotionally hard to cope with, I could not help but feel that I or at the very least, the "System" was failing this little lad.

Anyway, after being inspired once again by the Alpha course last night, when I returned home I went upstairs and quietly said a prayer, probably the first time I have conciously prayed for something specific and conciously said the prayer to God. Firstly I thanked God for giving me the strength to get through the last few days and for the support of the team that I work with. Then I asked god to please, please keep the little boy safe as despite our decision we all love him and care about him.

Tears are now rolling down my cheeks as they did when I sent my prayer last night.

Today we had a telephone call at school to tell us that a place had been found for the little boy in a Pupil Referal Unit to start next week. This has got to be the quickest ever placement I have heard of and I was amazed. It is by no means the ideal outcome but at this stage in the proceedings the best we could have hoped for. It means that he will have people around him who can monitor his well being and hopefully this is a step in the right direction to getting him the help and support he really needs. It also shows us that at last our concerns for this little one are being taken seriously.

After this phone call I realised that we did not actually get told who had instigated this change of placement so I did not know who to thank - then it dawned on me! I closed my eyes for a few moments and said "Thank you, Thank you so much Lord Our Father" 

And now I want to say thank you to YOU too, for giving me the nudge I needed.

Very Best wishes from"